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In our online newsletter, NA News, we publish patient contributions, new research, fundraising tips and much more. You can access back-issues of NA News on this page. The newsletters are an excellent source of information on the history of the Advocacy, scientific discoveries and patient stories.

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Cover of the NA News Issue 45 - 11 July 2024
NA News Issue 45 (English)

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Our newsletters contain comprehensive reports on each of our previous symposia, online research forum meetings as well as many other reports on scientific progress in the NA and related fields.

Patients stories feature in most issues, see particularly issue 38 on patient pen pals, the benefits of joining a choir and more. Issue 32 contains various patient stories and our special issue of April 2012 is dedicated entirely to patient stories from around the world. Other issues contain practical advice for patients. See, for instance, issue 38 regarding communication or issue 37 on dealing with sleep issues.

In issue 34 you can read about the American organisation that shares our goals.

Most issues of NA News are available in languages other than English, such as German, Polish or Spanish. We would like to make our newsletters available in many more languages, so if you have translation skills or know somebody who does and is prepared to give their time, please see our section on becoming an NA volunteer translator.