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Glenn Irvine Prize

Glenn Irvine

The Advocacy established the Glenn Irvine Prize, which seeks to pay tribute to Glenn’s service to NA patients and to further his aspiration to find a cure. His perseverance for over 15 years bore fruit by broadening the awareness of NA and the existence of treatment options; his commitment to promoting research on NA through the Advocacy aided the ongoing investigations on the significance of mutations in the VPS13 gene vis-à-vis NA, the creation of an NA database and the expanded availability of the free Western blot service for the purposes of diagnosing the NA syndrome ChAc. 

This prize is an award of GBP 5,000 to a junior investigator in the field, to encourage them to pursue further research, with the ultimate aim of curing this progressive neurodegenerative disorder. The recipient of this award receives the funds to support their laboratory work, and is invited to give a presentation at the next NA international conference. The first winner of the Glenn Irvine Prize was Jae-Sook Park in May of 2020. Dr Park is Senior Research Scientist from Dr. Aaron Neiman’s lab at Stony Brook, Long Island, NY, USA where she has been working with VSP13 proteins for many years. Dr. Neiman expects Dr. Park will continue to make significant contributions to our understanding of how this protein family functions both in yeast and in human cells.